John Patrick's Sports Handicapping Book Cover
John Patrick’s Sports Handicapping
Sports Betting / August 17, 2017

Ok, so this is a book written by someone who clearly has spent A LOT of time inside sports betting circles or at least some place like Vegas. He seems to know what he’s talking about but yet you can’t stop feeling like you’re being conned by a guy you met at Vegas. The book has chapters for every sport and also educates the beginner very well about all the sports betting systems that exist. It starts with few philosophical chapters such as describing the bettor, the how and whats of handicapping, expectations of winning, ‘The Little Three’ and learning to win. Once you are ‘educated’ about general betting, the book dives into the concept of ‘bankroll’. It has nice little chapters on laying out bets, short bankrolls, loss limits, minimizing losses, win goals, accepting your goals, and what a ‘proper’ bankrol should be. Once the bankroll side of things are clearer, the book dives into the meat and bones of handicapping; the knowledge part. The part starts by defining what Knowledge is in sports handicapping and then goes on to explain every part of the industry such as linemakers, bookies and then explains lines, parlays, round robins, flat betting,…

Introduction to Sports Betting by
Introduction to Sports Betting
Book Reviews , Sports Betting / August 6, 2017

This is a nice little freebie book on sports betting from What sets this book apart from the competition is, that this book is actually written by people who make money of providing stats to people who bet on sports. Usually, we are very skeptical about these kinds of books, but it is a well written little guide that can help you get in the water. It seems to be written very well, and in layman’s language so everybody can understand. It also contains examples of the subjects it covers. The book starts with betting basics, then moves on Football, Basketball, and Baseball. There is a helpful little calendar chapter, and two chapters on betting strategies and money management. Since the book is actually free -well not really actually you need to share your email address to download the free e-book-, it’s a no-brainer. Go get your copy now!

Sports Betting and Bookmaking: An American History
Sports Betting and Bookmaking: An American History
Sports Betting / August 2, 2017

Today’s book is about schooling you on the history of Sports Betting and Book Making. Arne K. Lang chooses not to focus on the usuals in this subject such as ‘rogues’ and various ‘scandals’ that took place, instead he focuses purely as a historian and provides information without baiting for attention. The book starts with Leonard Jerome, and goes on to have an entire chapter on New York’s Racetrack-building Boom. The book also has a chapter on outlaws and big Plungers, and moves on to a funny named chapter ‘The Tax Man Cometh’ and transitions into Pro Football Betting era and ends with the internet era and high tech phenomena such as simulcasting. It is a well designed, beautifully executed book, a great read. We ‘reccomenth’ it! 🙂