SPORTS BETTING: What Bookmakers Don't Want You To Know With 17 Golden Rules Of Betting
SPORTS BETTING: What Bookmakers Don’t Want You To Know With 17 Golden Rules Of Betting
Book Reviews , Sports Betting / July 14, 2017

Description (from Learn How To Make Money And Find Your Way To Financial Freedom With Betting On Sports Did you know that through a longer period, over 95% of all bettors end up as losers? Did you know that as many as 97% of all bets collected by sports bookmakers are losing one? How are we able to lose as much as 97% of bets in one tennis match, where two opponents are equal, and prospects are 50:50? On the following pages, you will find detailed: tips, rules, information and many systems and strategies. It is time to convert your daily defeats with sports bookmakers and turn them into victories; that will improve your finances. In the beginning, the most important thing is to understand, that it is hard to beat sports bookmakers but not impossible. Sports bookmakers have on their side mathematical advantage. You will find out through this book what are the most common beginner mistakes in the world of sports betting and how to eliminate them. I also describe in the book the rules of sports gambling which every bettor (you), must not only know but also strictly implement in their betting. With my long-term research,…