The World's Greatest Blackjack Book
The World’s Greatest Blackjack Book
Blackjack , Book Reviews / July 14, 2017

Review: The World’s Greatest Blackjack Book Ok, you kind of know how I usually approach ambitious titles, I honestly think it’s inappropriate to title the book you wrote ‘The World’s Greatest X Book’, I mean even if it is actually the greatest book about that subject. This book though is written by someone who has a Ph.D. on the subject, so it might actually be the best book about the subject. The book starts on a more philosophical tone, and asks questions like Who Pays For the Glitter? Why Play Blackjack and the Losing Frame of Mind and covers both the roads for winning and losing. Part two focuses on the game, the rules and basic plays, errors, strategies, and everything related to the mechanics of the game.  Part three dives into subjects like where to play, choosing a casino, the best kind of dealer, where you can play in the States and Canada. The entire part four deals with the dealer (pun intended). Actually, I personally find this part very interesting because it’s usually an overlooked part of the game but it’s a very important part of the game in my opinion. Part five teaches you how to Play Smart (without a system) and…